Nature Based Tourism Review

Western Australia's rich biodiversity attracts visitors from all over the world and is an integral component of the State's tourism product.   

After extensive consultation with key industry and other stakeholders a report on the nature based tourism industry was prepared and presented to both Ministers.  Caravan Industry (WA) requested that Brighthouse provide comments on the review to include in the Caravan Industry submission.

Prior to considering the recommendations, the Ministers required a public comment phase be undertaken. This was duly completed and the Ministers then considered the report and its range of recommendations prior to seeking Cabinet endorsement.

The report, titled, Review of Nature Based Tourism, contains wide ranging recommendations with regard to the management of nature based tourism in Western Australia. The review also outlines how the tourism industry can contribute to the conservation of the resource that it uses as its "place of business".  

In July 2009 Cabinet endorsed 43 of the recommendations outlined in the report.  The implementation phase is now underway.  

A list of the 43 recomendations can be downloaded here:

 Nature Based Tourism Recommendations (72KB)   

The full Review document can be downloaded here:

 The Review of Nature Based Tourism (1.92MB)

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