Iconic City Farmers Food Markets Target Local Communities

City food markets have been around for centuries find themselves threatened by online shopping, rising costs and some even become targets of extremist attacks.

Now a group of the most notable ones are banding together to raise awareness of their place in the community and move from merely being tourist attractions.

Sydney Fish Markets

Sydney Fish Markets

Two iconic Australian markets, the Sydney Fish Market in Sydney and Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne are banding together with the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, London's 1,000-year-old Borough Market, Markthalle Neun in Berlin, Central Market Hall in Budapest and La Boqueria in Barcelona to promote fresh local food and produce through their ability to create a sense of community in their locality.

In this way the markets hope to counter the impact of online behemoths like Amazon and the many online fresh produce resellers. Market sellers now understand, more than ever the benefit of collaboration and talking to each other.

The markets were historically mainly wholesalers, where restaurants and shops came to find the day's fresh produce. Over time, as the supply chain has modernised through deliveries, markets have now become more important as destinations for tourists or local food enthusiasts. Combined, the seven markets attract 75.4 million visitors a year.

Donald Hyslop, Chair of Trustees of Borough Market, says the markets' partnership will aim to give them a voice in city politics. "A lot of markets choose this balance between community and tourism. Of course we want the economic benefit of tourism, but I think we need to reinforce that community is the primary purpose," said Hyslop, who was behind the partnership.

"We need to remember that the reason markets exist is because they grew to supply and nurture a community. They're much more than a place to buy your fruit and your vegetables."

Regional local government in locations, which have, or are close to cities and towns are taking advantage of farmer's grower markets to serve their rural communities and attract tourist visitation.




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