New TV commercial promotes caravanning and camping

The Caravan, RV and AccommodationIndustry, Australia has launched a new TV commercial to promote the lifestyle of caravanning and camping and to inform people who have not tried it on how to enjoy a camping or "glamping" hoiliday.

To increase the impact of this advertising, the campaign will adopt a Top & Tail strategy, with the Experience Caravanning and Camping 30-second TVC being complemented with a 15-second TVC (the tail), playing in the same ad block. The 15-second TVC will have a strong call to action to download a free ‘Welcome to Caravanning and Camping’ eBook. 

The eBook is designed to engage and encourage consumers, with a particular focus on providing a go-to-guide for those who have not considered a caravanning and camping holiday recently. The eBook will also deliver strong measurement techniques on the success of the TVC campaign.

Discover the endless possibilities to experience Australia's great nature, people and countless list of activities from action adventure to slumbering in a hammock. So what are you waiting for? Experience Caravanning and Camping! Visit:

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