Community Consultation

Our Consultants understand the importance of managing the community expectations of any project. We operate strictly within areas that we have developed specialised skills and knowledge and each of our consultants has "hands on" experience in the operation of tourism, accommodation and Indigenous projects. Through inclusive collaboration we ensure that clients projects are well supported within their communities. Our aim is to achieve consensus agreement through listening and understanding stakeholder and community concerns and through the patient explanation of the benefits or each project. 

By incorporating local  knowledge, views and concerns in our project proposals, Brighthouse ensures continuing support of the regulatory authorities and the community. Collaboration and transparency promotes better understanding of the likely impacts and benefits that may be derived from projects and avoids delay and resistance.

Brighthouse assists clients manage the consultation process, preparing presentations and attending community and stakeholder meetings. Consultation may include community workshops and focus groups. Our methodologies are tailored for the particular requirements of each project. Brighthouse is extensively involved in development project consultation, community consultation for local government, customer surveys, facilitation of key stakeholder meetings, ensuring participation of remote community members in decision-making and many other types of consultation.

All processes are measurable and fully documented.