Holiday & Eco Tourism Accommodation

Tourism is changing rapidly as nature, heritage, cultural and recreational destinations become more important, and as conventional tourism is forced to meet tougher environmental requirements.

This presents a challenge to government and private enterprise to develop new approaches to the tourism market.

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness and better accessibility to remote regions, there is now a greater emphasis promoting natural resources as lures for tourists.

Tourism businesses are creating new nature based holiday destinations, value adding by attaching tours, attractions and experiences to the accommodation product. Many of the popular eco-travel destinations have fragile eco-systems, however, so it is important to maintain a careful balance between preservation and promotion - "sustainable development" - in order to ensure the long-term health of both the eco-systems and the tourism economies.

Brighthouse adheres to sustainable principles in all our designs, which results in lower operating costs for our clients. As a primary consideration our standard practice incorporates waste water recycling, high level energy rating for buildings, best practice green principles in accordance with the National Australian Built Environmental Rating System, and other water and energy conservation measures.

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