Management Consulting

As strategic consultants, we provide management teams with critical information to help them make effective decisions about their direction. Our reports provide a way of thinking about how to deal with the future and a process to guide decision-making.

Our consultant and project management team are highly experienced in the delivery of accommodation projects and have practical knowledge of  accommodation operations and contract administration.


The independent perspective of Brighthouse and the detailed recommendations provided in our reports enable our clients to make more informed decisions.

To succeed in today’s marketplace, strategies must be as creative as they are rigorous. Organisations that follow our strategies, which combine these two factors become powerhouse challengers and unassailable leaders in their field.

To create original strategies, we look beyond case studies and current best practices. We combine quality research and design thinking with sophisticated business modelling to create frameworks that we will translate into successful outcomes. Then, we help you to make it happen.

While strategic planning can be disruptive, we help clients manage the process, excite the team, build momentum and energy, and ultimately get things done.

We deliver plans that are rigorous enough to survive scrutiny by Treasury, practical enough to be implemented tomorrow, and radical enough to shake up your market sector. We make sure they are actionable and cut through the complexity normally associated with strategic planning.

We write reports that are compelling and clear. Our presentations are on target and designed to wow tough crowds. Most importantly, our proposed methodologies are always aligned with your deliverables and desired outcomes.

Brighthouse prides itself on a personalised project management delivery style and is committed to deliver its projects to scope, on time and within budget through an interactive, dynamic and monitored process. The consultancy is dedicated to achieving client-focused solutions through flexibility, innovation and leading-edge project control systems.

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