Brighthouse Strategic Consulting

We help clients to achieve quality results on tourism, infrastructure and  accommodation projects. Bright solutions, real outcomes.

We provide strategic planning, conceptual designs, feasibility studies, business cases and marketing plans to federal, State and local government, the private sector and not-for profit organisations. 

To enhance the range of project services provided by Brighthouse's own consultants, we work in collaboration with a select group of talented professionals that share our values and provide quality results. Each member of the Brighthouse team is highly experienced and qualified in their own field.

Using current online technologies and proven project methodologies, Brighthouse delivers across  urban and regional locations, minimising cost and producing great results for our clients.


Our Value Proposition

Results Focused

We work with you collaboratively to achieve successful short-term and long term objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement

We consider the needs of all stakeholders - government, business, management, staff, their customers and the community, as well as other external influencers.  Throughout  the course of our projects, we maintain communication channels, relationships and operational structures for optimum client and stakeholder engagement.

Strategy Is Our Area Of Specialisation

Success hinges on developing the right strategy. We understand that sound strategy and successful implementation go hand-in-hand and are specialists at developing plans for each - from research, market analysis, product development and customer experience through to design, construction, marketing and operational activation.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Identifying and prioritising risks is critical to any project. We have risk management systems that help our clients minimise any risks by providing risk monitoring and mitigation processes.

Robust Analysis and Financial Justification of Proposals

Each idea and strategy we proposed is tested for efficacy. Our financial modelling is thorough in the extreme and referenced to benchmarks and case studies. Return on investment - both financial and social is the foremost consideration of our recommendations.

Real-World Experience

We have a proven track record in the areas in which we specialise. We have successfully conceptualised, developed and operated similar businesses to many of those proposed or currently operated by our clients. Our experience helps you avid the pitfalls and navigate the journey successfully. We prioritise results over report production.

Applied Knowledge

We have adopted the latest technologies available in our field and apply this knowledge in all that we do.  We are collegial and apply and share our knowledge.


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