Mandurah Gardens Estate

Following the proclamation of the Western Australian Caravan And Camping Act 1995 and Caravan Parks Regulations 1997, Brighthouse was quickly of the mark, to seek an appropriate site for a Lifestyle Village.  A site, which met all the requirements was located near central Mandurah and on the banks of the Serpentine River. The cost of the land was significantly lower than the  surrounding residential land, due to the requirement to fill the river floodway.

Brighthouse negotiated with a local civil contracting company to install the many hundreds of cubic metres of sand fill from a local quarry, which maintained viability of the project, and enabled Brighthouse to propose the development Fleetwood Corporation. Fleetwood are manufacturers and suppliers of park homes in Western Australia and sought to have a quality Lifestyle Village as a benchmark for future developments.

A concept plan was prepared, which provided a yield of 160 park home sites and associated lifestyle village facilities, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, bowling green and passive recreation areas. Brighthouse lodged an application for planning consent on behalf of Fleetwood, which was granted by the City of Mandurah.

Mandurah Gardens Streetscape3.jpg

Once the approvals were in place and the successful development of project assured, Brighthouse negotiated the sale of the development to a third party investor, who proceeded to completion of the project with a sale and supply agreement in place with Fleetwood for the park homes.

The 160 homes quickly sold to homeowners who understood the benefits of transitioning from ownership of residential housing to the security and communal interaction of a lifestyle village.

Mandurah Gardens Village.jpg

Today, Mandurah Gardens Estate retains it's mantle of one of the most harmonious, enjoyable  and affordable Lifestyle Villages in Western Australia. 

Mandurah Village Pool.jpg

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