Innovative Key Worker Accommodation Development for Northam

Design Rationale

The design concept, architectural drawings and development application, for the Avon Community Mortlock Gardens development, were prepared by Brighthouse . The project delivered an innovative solution to a shortage of affordable key worker accommodation in Northam and was substantially funded through a Royalties For Region grant. 

The design elements for the 15 homes, such as brick/stone facades, roof pitch , site levels, colour palette, coordinated fencing and landscaping were designed to integrate with the existing streetscape and dwellings and to provide a sense of identity and consistency. 

The mixture of one, two and three bedroom dwellings was formulated in consultation with local businesses/agencies to provide a high degree of flexibility to meet market needs. The dwelling sizes were cost effective and appropriate for the intended use.

The front and side setbacks were designed to provide an spatially comfortable perspective from the internal private access road, i.e. appropriate with the scale of the dwellings, while providing as much private open space to the rear of the dwellings as could be accommodated within the Design Code requirements.

A range of contemporary colours and finishes were incorporated into the design of the development to differentiate and customise the individual dwellings and position the development as a quality group housing project while providing appropriate visual diversity.

The landscape strategy provided a welcoming low maintenance environment with a combination of turf and garden beds. The location of trees was carefully selected based on geotechnical engineering advice that trees too close to dwelling should be avoided.

Visitor parking was located away from the street frontage, so that the development presents as much as practically possible as a traditional streetscape. Tandem parking has been used to reduce overwhelming the streetscape with double garages.




























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