Adrian Prendergast


Adrian is an excellent communicator, mentor and facilitator who specialises in Indigenous engagement.  He has worked with over 50 Indigenous individuals, businesses and communities to provide one on one mentoring, small group training and facilitate multi stakeholder workshops. 

His friendly ‘can-do’ attitude ensures that clients and their stakeholders are provided with the encouragement, tools, training and support required to achieve success and forge long term partnerships.

He is experienced in working in remote settings, particularly in the Kimberley region of WA and northern NT. He has in depth knowledge of business operations across a diverse range of industries including tourism, hospitality, horticulture, mining, retail, transport and training.  He has assisted businesses and communities to improve their commercial outcomes and has also worked with larger stakeholder groups, government departments and associations to develop Indigenous employment and business strategies and conduct reviews and growth planning sessions. 

He has an honest, empathetic, engaging and down to earth approach to communication. Having experienced both living and working in remote Aboriginal communities, he understands the importance of building up rapport and the need to agree on clear objectives before opening up discussion.  He is an effective facilitator; helping individuals, families, businesses, communities and government clients to reach agreement and define their aspirations in order to work out a clear way forward in order to bring their plans to fruition.

His specialist consultancy, Starfish Business Solutions is on the panel for DEEWR’s Indigenous Employment Program and Indigenous Business Australia.

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