Dr Chris Holland

Chris Holland has more than 20 years experience in research. Her consultancy Work and Education Research and Development Services (WERDS) specialises in qualitative research but has also conducted large quantitative studies, internationally and in Australia and NZ. Its evaluation work focuses on both process (how an organisation is doing) and outcomes (benefits to the organisation and to others). 


Latest articles by Chris

Chris has worked closely with the Industry Training Federation and Industry Training Organisations, funding bodies and the private sector to make a significant difference to job retention and qualifications completions for apprentices and trainees, through workplace-based apprentice and trainee mentoring.

She has produced industry-wide and customised local guidelines for apprentice mentoring leading the implementation of cutting-edge research and development initiatives to establish and improve workplace-based mentoring for apprentices and trainees.

Chris approaches scoping research, mentor professional development, workplace apprentice mentoring establishment, and monitoring and review of programmes. Chris’ most recent work is in the development of models of mentoring for Maori, Pasifika and migrant populations.

Chris brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the Brighthouse team and has instilled her methodologies and research disciplines into our research processes.

Chris' approach to research, evaluation and development is informed by the principles of Developmental Collaboration. The role of a collaborative consultant is one of seeking out client and participant views, engaging them regularly and informatively in the work. It may involve supporting participants to explore possible changes in practice. Overall, Developmental Collaboration provides opportunities for cyclical reflection, deeper organisational understanding, and ongoing improvement

Although Chris' consultancy research and evaluation work is primarily in workplace learning, it has also completed evaluation projects in school literacy, drama in education, health, policy, community support and volunteering.

With over 22 year’s experience of workplace learning development, including language and literacy professional development for trainers, clear language document development,  and workplace mentoring research, establishment and professional development, Chris is a recognised authority in these areas.

Chris has provided ongoing specialist services to government departments, management organisations, university departments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and unions in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and North America.

Chris has recently returned from a speaking tour in Germany, focusing on how workplace mentoring can support migrants in the workplace.

Chris is also the author or co-author of a number of publications on workplace learning and teaching (including language and literacy), drama in education and mentoring including:

Refereed Publications

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