New Meeting Etiquette

productivity Most of my colleagues and many of my client friends know that I regard a face to face business meetings as a tool that should be used sparingly, if at all. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting face-to-face to discuss ideas, innovations and social matters. It's just that I believe such business meetings are in the main non-productive.

Brighthouse mentioned in 34.4 million caravan and camping action plan

Tourism WA Tourism WA commissioned Brighthouse to assess the needs of the caravan and camping sector. Findings in the Brighthouse report, A Strategic Approach to Caravanning and Camping Tourism in WA 2012 guided the development of the WA Caravan and Camping Action Plan."

Mini Port Proposal To Unlock Iron Ore Exports Through Esperance

Esperance The long awaited decision on the Esperance Port upgrade may have been made easier by a report that the port expansion could be staged. This will have major benefits for the "Supertown" of Esperance and the Goldfields region.

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