New Meeting Etiquette

productivity Most of my colleagues and many of my client friends know that I regard a face to face business meetings as a tool that should be used sparingly, if at all. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting face-to-face to discuss ideas, innovations and social matters. It's just that I believe such business meetings are in the main non-productive.

Mini Port Proposal To Unlock Iron Ore Exports Through Esperance

Esperance The long awaited decision on the Esperance Port upgrade may have been made easier by a report that the port expansion could be staged. This will have major benefits for the "Supertown" of Esperance and the Goldfields region.

Minister for Planning launches draft State Planning Strategy

Minister for Planning launches draft State Planning Strategy

Draft Planning Strategy for Western Australia released for public comment. Does it provide direction for the fastest growing state in the nation?

How to Find Signals in Your Seasonal KPIs

performance measurement One of the trickiest KPIs to analyse, interpret and use are those that have a seasonal or cyclical pattern. Can you make these KPIs reveal their insights about how to improve performance, without getting drowned out in the seasonal variation? Yes you can!

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