Australia's latest Goldrush

THE humble honey bee is behind a WA liquid gold rush.

Our strict quarantine laws means Western Australia is one on the few places in the world, where bees are unaffected by pests and diseases, leaving our honey untainted by antibiotics or pesticides. This might give Western Australia an edge

Medicinal honey is the new buzzword in the apiary industry and the State’s unique jarrah and marri honey is soaring in global demand, as new testing reveals it is packed with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

The prized honey — which has been found to eclipse the health benefits of New Zealand’s famous Manuka honey — is now fetching as much as $1000 a kilogram in speciality stores in Asia.

This could have huge export potential for the agricultural areas of Western Australia and add another product to attract tourists to our regions. 

Honey AdobeStock_61593982.jpg

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