Blogger's favourite Port Augusta caravan park worth a visit

According to Brighthouse blog contributor Emiley Jhones, a visit to Port Augusta is incomplete unless you experience the outback lifestyle.
One place that you may wish to stay is the Shoreline Caravan Park on Gardiner Avenue. 
Emiley lists some of the features of the park that makes it special:
“The Caravan Park is designed to create a sense of being close to nature.
Located on the front shores of Gardiner Avenue, this Caravan Park gives you a delightful view of the grey-blue waters.”
“The waterfront cabins are so parked that you can enjoy the view while you ravel in the comforts of well-appointed cabins that have two spacious rooms with a fairly sized kitchen and comfortable beds.”
“The cabins offer a great view of the river, and you may even spot some dolphins, if you are lucky.”
“Admire the pristine beauty of Southern Flinders Ranges that can be spotted in the park's background. If your cabin is in the right location, you may have the chance to look at the river, and parts of Southern Flinders all in one gaze”
Emiley believes “the Shoreline Caravan Park Caravan Park makes for an ideal location to unwind and recoup before heading back to the madness of city life. Australia, as a whole, abounds in such immaculate holiday destinations. Its inclusion in the ESTA list for visa waiver is a wise move to promote tourism ties.”


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