Caravan Park Design Hints #2

4-way Power and Water Outlets, with bollard lighting

4-way Power and Water Outlets, with bollard lighting

It's common knowledge that amenity is all important in attracting and retaining visitors at your caravan park. Landscaping also plays a role along with recreational facilities and site size. View and pedestrial corridors are now an integral part of contemporary holiday park design.

Some caravan park design concepts have moved away from regimented grid site layouts, which often made caravan parks looking like high-density residential subdivisions.

While many caravan park designers like to show their artistic flair in providing different styles of holiday park layouts, some have little awareness of the important parameters that keep development costs to a reasonable level.

Development costs impact on your return on investment. High site development costs can make your site tariffs uncompetitive through the pricing necessary to maintain viability. 

Therefore, it is critical that holiday park design takes into account important design criteria, which, helps avoid unnecessary capital cost.

One simple rule is to keep caravan sites in clusters or rows that allow for four sites to have a common services point.

This rule does not generally inhibit design and site and road layout but means that a single water, sullage, lighting and power connection point services four sites, rather than two.

Consider the cost of a combined power outlet, light and sullage point and water connections is around $1,500 plus termination of services cost - say $500 each for plumber and electrical contractor. This cost of $2,500 can be shared between one, two or four sites, depending on the particular holiday park's site design. 

Where a power/water/sullage outlet services a single site the cost is $2,500. For one outlet shared between two sites the cost reduces to $1,250 per site or for four sites sharing an outlet the cost becomes $625 per site.

The difference in capital cost between designing sites in clusters of 4, rather than clusters of 2 sites, for a 100 site holiday park is calculated at $62,500. 

That's a significant added cost and one of the many that could be alleviated by engaging  a specialist caravan park consultant.

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