Caravan Park legislative review could adversly affect caravan park users

Holiday caravan park crackdown: call for a new law to stop people living there all year round - North Wales Weekly News:

The current caravan parks legislation review in Western Australia is intended to reduce unnecessary regulation and improve user experiences, but it is important that regulators do not allow the changes to have unforseen consequences.
In an example of a legislative review of caravan parks having severely adverse consequences for caravan park users, a new law to regulate North Wales’  many holiday caravan parks  would crack down on people  who choose unlawfully to live in  holiday caravans all year round and  improve management and regulation of parks.The Welsh holiday caravan industry has an annual turnover of  £725m and sustains 4,000 jobs.
The Holiday Caravan Park (Wales)  Bill would also address the “hidden  population” of year-long static caravan users, which he said damaged  the Welsh economy by some of the  most intense use of public services,  while avoiding council tax which would apply to a permanent residence.It would reform the present law  on holiday caravan sites in Wales  which dates back to 1960.
“I have published the draft legislation which is now out for public consultation until January 17 and  once I have received feedback I can  consider possible amendments before the Bill goes to the Senedd for  scrutiny.“
It has been heartening to see how  people appreciate the need for reform. It is only a minority who  ignore the letter of the law but it is something that needs to be tackled.
The idea is to safeguard the future of  the industry in the long term and I  have had support from local caravan  parks to develop the Bill.”A similar law, led by Liberal  Democrat AM Peter Black, has been  passed by the Assembly process, to  regulate mobile home sites in  Wales.
That law includes a provision for  a requirement for all site owners to  pass a “fit and proper persons” test,  which could also form part of Mr  Millar’s proposals.
The Conservative AM received  cross-party agreement in the Assembly to introduce his Bill.Housing and Regeneration minister, Carl Sargeant, said the Welsh  Government was happy to support  the bill but emphasised that owners  of caravan park must not be  “over-burdened” with regulation.
The British Holiday & Home Parks  Association said it shared the concerns of Mr Millar that a “small  number” of holiday parks in Wales  are allowing – either knowingly or  unknowingly – holiday homes to be  unlawfully occupied as full-time  residences.
The body advises members of the  need to ensure that holiday caravans  are sold as second homes for leisure  purposes only. “We also recognise, as does Mr  Millar, the importance of sustaining  the major contribution made by  parks to the regional economy,” a  spokesperson said.
“We are therefore studying closely  the text of the draft bill, and consulting with association members.“Our main concern is to ensure  that any legislation passed is appropriate, proportionate, and does not  have any unintended consequences.”

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