Federal Government Unveils Proposal to Attract Chinese Investment for Agricultural Projects in Australia's North

The federal government is seeking billions in Chinese investment to open up land for farming in northern Australia in a plan designed to help feed China’s 1.3 billion citizens, which could reshape the global food ­market, according to the Australian Financial Review today.

The proposal augers well for the $415 million Ord East-Kimberley Irrigation Expansion Project, jointly funded by the federal and Western Australian state governments.

The irrigation project, which is partly funded from Royalty for Regions program, will provide major community benefits, particularly for the traditional owners of the land, the Mirriwung and Gajerrong people.

Around 7,400 hectares of land in 17 lots in the Goomig Farm Area has been released available for development. Under the Ord Final Agreement, MG Corporation, representing the irriwung and Gajerrong people have first option to acquire up to 12.5% of the land. A further 1,700 hectares in the Ord West Bank and 6,000 hectares in the Knox Plain area have also been identified as suitable for longer term development and released under an Expression of Interest process. 

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