Hard act to follow when Paddi calls it a day

“GONE fishin’” is a catch cry that could well apply in future to Mandurah Mayor Paddi Creevey", according to the Mandurah Coastal Times.
"After almost 20 years as Mayor and councillor, Ms Creevey is retiring and will not re-contest her position in October’s local government elections."
"Instead, she plans a less hectic life fishing, walking the dog and working for the environment."
"The former social worker stood at the 1994 council election in opposition to developer Cedar Woods’ proposed development of the Creery Wetlands, a battle that raged for more than 10 years."
"There are many achievements of which Ms Creevey is proud."
"The then-controversial war memorial on the eastern foreshore is one."
"Then there was Reading Cinemas, built by the council and “one of the best things to happen to Mandurah”, the Mandurah Performing Art Centre – “the heart of the city” – two bowling clubs, two surf clubs and football, hockey and cricket facilities."
"Paddi will leave her mark on so many organisations, instiututions and people in this state", said Brighthouse Principal Strategist, David Holland.
"I have the pleasure of working with Paddi on the Governing Council for Challenger Institute (of Technology), of which she is Chairperson"
"It has given me a great insight into her keen mind and compassion". "Paddi will be a very hard act to follow as Mayor of Mandurah", said David.


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