Holiday close to home to keep the kids happy

An international survey finds Australian kids are the least patient travellers so it may be best to find a close-to-home holiday destination.

Are we there yet? Aus kids most restless travellers - Weird News Travels Fast -

Australian children become disinterested and bored after just 23 minutes of driving, according to new research commissioned by in-car product supplier TomTom.
With the impending summer holidays just around the corner, families will be taking to the roads for long-haul car journeys.
The survey was conducted by research company Ipsos MORI, targeting mothers in the United Kingdom, US, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain.
Of the nine countries surveyed, research revealed that Australian children had the least patience.

Holiday parks offer a close-to-home family holiday solution with amazing accommodation and activities that seem to be a whole world away from the kid's own backyard. There's a touch of luxury for Mums and Dads too in the new spa chalet cabina available in more and more holiday parks. Or even "glamping" (5 star luxury camping) in self-contained safari tents on raised decks so there's no more sand in the bed. Click here to see an example in Busselton WA, just over 2 hours from Perth: Amblin Holiday Park.


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