Peak Caravan Industry Organisations Merge

The 20th of February 2014 marks an exciting and significant da in the history of the Australian caravanning and camping industry!

The Boards of RVM Australia and CRVA are proud to announce that both have unanimously agreed to support the merger of the two organisations to create one national peak industry body.

To be known as the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, this whole‐of‐industry approach will:

• create a single and powerful industryvoice to government and media;

• achieve stronger links between state and national;

• drive growth; and

• combat non-‐compliancewithin the Industry.

For industry businesses this will allow access to greater resources, increased member services, and being part of a strong national representative body to grow the caravanning and camping industry.

Both Boards will seek endorsement from their members over the next two months to implement the new organisation ahead of a targeted 1 July 2014 commencement.

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