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Ways to Supplement Your Retirement Income
While Seeing Australia


The Federal Government is more than just hinting at upping the retirement age to 70 which may be a game-changer for those who have been mentally preparing to leave the rat race for the open road at 65 and who had counted on a pension to make ends meet.

However, it might be worth retirees looking at the scenario from a different perspective; stick to their projected retirement date and look for the additional income while seeing Australia. Andrew McEvoy, managing director of Tourism Australia, recently suggested that the grey nomad travelling commu­nity could supplement their incomes with light or seasonal work, while regional Australia could tap into their knowl­edge, expertise and experience.

For the last few decades backpackers have taken up some of these short term jobs but in recent years with the rising Australian dollar and falling European economies, they haven`t met demand.  Short term jobs offer the grey nomad a chance to meet the locals and see the real Australia.

Here are some ideas for retirees looking to supplement their income on the road.

Hospitality & Tourism

Ever dreamed on living in a paradise like Hayman Island? Believe it or not even resorts in the Whitsundays are struggling to attract staff during peak tourist season.

Currently in Australia there are 36,500 posi­tions unfilled in the tourism and hospitality which could fit the grey nomads perfectly. Regional Australia in particular is suffering from an acute short­age of hotel, resort and res­taurant staff as young locals head to the city for more exciting prospect and backpacker numbers lag.

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking may not be for everyone but for those who have been dreaming of the country life and good honest work from their city office tower, this might be just the fit. 

Fruit pickers are paid casually or by the bucket so it’s a good idea to chat to the farm owner and check that their expectations match your physically abilities and how hard you want to work.   

Seasonal Skills

For both blue collar and white collar workers on the road retirement might give you the opportunity to work for yourself in peak season, and then spend other months dedicated to travel and leisure. For example a tax accountant may be able to advertise their service online or in local newspapers during the end of the financial years.

In remote parts of Australia towns and stations find it hard to retain staff such as mechanics, plumbers and even hairdressers. You may be able to help them out for a few weeks and a few months while they find permanent staff.

Online Jobs

Retired school teachers who are able to find good Internet can tutor students after school online in a variety of subjects, sometimes not just in Australia but around the world. You will need fast Internet for this and a Skype account so it may limit your movements in remote regions.

Use websites like Gumtree and Craigslist, local newspapers, local noticeboards in caravan parks and cafes, and network. You might be surprised at the opportunities out there.

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