Would you expect to find fine dining in a caravan park amenities block?

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Fine dining in a caravan park? Unlikely. Fine dining in a former amenities block, at a caravan park on an island? Rather less likely.

But on the Welsh island of Anglesey, the restaurant set up by two brothers draws food pilgrims to the caravan park owned by their parents. The food at The Marram Grass gets stellar reviews, too, although apparently there was a little confusion in the early days.

“The old shower blocks for the campsite used to be inside the restaurant so you’d have people walking in in their speedos with a towel over them while somebody was eating a bowl of mussels and a sirloin steak,” says one of the brothers, Ellis Berry.

The Marram Grass menus sing of local produce and the seasonality of what’s available around the locality. This produce forms the base of the unique restaurant’s menu, the ground surrounding it directly offering up and surrendering the starting point of all its dishes, from which the chefs create, complimenting with the flavours and textures of other local producers, or stand out quality produce from further afield.

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