The Great Australian Doorstep brand, headed by former AFL star Peter Spida Everitt and his wife Sheree, have launched Australia’s first regional Caravan & Camping Radio Show, which will air regionally around Australia on 31 Southern Cross Media stations from 29 May 2011.  

The Great Australian Doorstep Radio Show is a spin off from Spida and Sheree’s popular Channel 7Two TV Show, also entitled The Great Australian Doorstep, in its fourth season,  airs every Saturday at 5pm from 18 June for 20 weeks. The Great Australian Doorstep Radio Show will begin 29 May every Sunday morning from 6.00-7.00am.  The show will cover an extensive market as it is available on 31 stations across the country.

The Great Australian Doorstep Radio Show will be all things caravan, camping & 4wding around Australia.  With Sheree’s strong Kiwi heritage and their vibrant personality clashes it will make for entertaining listening.

“The best times of our life have been in the last four years while filming our TV Show. Caravan & camping around Australia really is ‘living the dream”.

“You will be really surprised at some of the gear on the market these days. We will talk about some really interesting holiday parks to stay, places to visit, great deals to be had, road closures and safety while on the road” Spida said.

The Great Australian Doorstep will air on 31 stations regionally around Australia on the Southern Cross Network from 29 May.

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