Find A Park Holiday Park Finder Now Available for Download From ITunes App Store

The Find A Park app was released on 8 June through the ITunes App store. It brings hundreds of Australian caravan parks to users in the palm of their hands.

With over 4.5 million smartphone users in Australia more and more travellers will search and find their holiday park destinations with Find A Park. As well as finding parks by name, town or state, Find A Park provides users with useful information including photos, rates and amenities. You can select only those parks who have cabins, ensuite sites or are pet friendly. Here are some more features:

  • The Search function allows Find a Park users to search for parks via a number of advanced search criteria including park name, location, amenities, and park groups like Family Parks, Top Tourist Big 4 and Aspen Holiday Parks 
  • The reservation function connects Find a Park users directly to the booking form - or provides an email or telephone connection - at the touch of a button. No dialing or fumbling to enter an email address. 
  • The direction function sends Find a Park users from their current location to their selected park destination with step by step direction and a map.

Download the Find A Park  Mobile App now

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