Holiday Parks can learn from the Cruise Travel Industry

Cruise ship operators understand that repeat business is all about keeping the whole family happy.

Meal times on any cruise liner never fails to make travelers happy. MSC's cruise voyages are even more attractive to families through a innovative program to keep the diggerent age generations happy and content.
Most families like to meet up at dinner time. That might sometimes be a challenge with smaller ones in the mix especially if there are up to 3 generations travelling together, as is often the case. MSC cruise company has started 3 innovative programs that make it even easier for kids and adults to have family fun and fun meals at sea.
The cruise company has the ideal recipe for a perfect family meal. They undesrstand that often, kids do not like being seated for the time it takes adults to enjoy their meal and relax over dinner.
MSC Happy Dinners are offering the best of both worlds. Kids are served dinner from the children's menu while parents and perhaps grandparents are enjoying their opening courses, with everyone dining along as a family. But when the kids have finished, they no longer have to wait patiently for the adults to finish. With MSC Happy Dinners program, the kids are picked up by specialised Children's Club staff members and get to have fun with friends at their age, leaving their parents to enjoy all courses and to have a wine or two with no children around.
The MSC Fun Time Dinner Program is a great way to keep the kids occupied.  Kids aged between three and eleven can join the entertainment team and their new friends in a single, separate, decorated space of the buffet restaurant for their evening meal and then have fun in the Mini and Junior Club while their parents are enjoying a leisurely dinner.

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