Holiday vouchers for public sector workers to be maintained in 2019, says Tourism minister

Image - BR Business Review

Image - BR Business Review

Tourism minister Bogdan Trif said on Sunday that Romanians working in the public sector will receive holiday vouchers next year as well, with a value of RON 1,450 ($AUS500) each. Party leader Liviu Dragnea confirmed that the government will continue to award public sector workers with holiday vouchers over the next two years.

Trif said that the positive effects of the holiday vouchers, which are collected by 1.2 million Romanians, include encouraging recipients to spend their holidays inside the country. The vouchers can only be used for accommodation in Romania, together with meals, transport, spa treatments and extra tourist services included in the package.  

“Holiday vouchers were a breath of fresh air for the Romanian tourism industry. I can tell you that the number of accommodation units that requested the classification to participate in the program, from the ministry, has grown more than 15 percent over last year.

Romanians holidaymakers weren’t the only ones who gained from the initiative. Hotel and guesthouse owners and other tourism operators benefited too, so more entrepreneurs and investors have gained confidence in tourism investment as the domestic tourism sector becomes more profitable,” said the minister.

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