Is Outdoor Cycling Better Than Indoor?

Image - Map my Run

Image - Map my Run

This post is somewhat of a personal indulgence and a departure from the business, social and concept ideas flow of our blog. However, it seemed to be worth sharing. Like a lot of people of my age, I try to maintain a regular exercise regime in the interests of good health and longevity.

I enjoy articles on healthy eating and seek the styles of exercise that provide the most benefit within my limited available time. I also use a physical trainer, online programs and technology for self-improvement and awakening my competitive streak.

The source article here, from the Map my Run phone app blog, made sense to me. I struggle with aerobic exercise in the gym, such as running, elliptical training, rowing and indoor cycling, even though I enjoy regular outdoor cycle rides. I much prefer resistance training, especially free weights and core exercises, and don't pay enough attention to the aerobic side. 

Pointing to the advantages of both trains of cycle exercise, Map My Run shows that there's no right or wrong in either choice and it's the bottom line that really matters. 

You can read the article by clicking on this link

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