Top Traveller Blogger's quest for Australia's most scenic loo

Red Nomad OZ is Marion Halliday, an Author, Blogger and Traveller who regularly hits the road to explore Australia, then share its secrets with the world. 

For travellers seeking information (and great photos) of places around Australia,on and off the beaten track, Red's blog is a perfect place to start.


As an independent traveller looking for nature based attractions and activities off the main tourist trail, she's been to every Australian state and territory where she's watched cane toad racing, dodged deadly snakes and been bitten by a wombat.

She's been seen on beautiful beaches, incredible islands, in the remote outback, next to lots of Aussie 'Big Things', in world-heritage wilderness – and in an unbelievable number of bakeries.

She's climbed Australia's highest peak and the world's smallest mountain; dug up ancient fossils and found a lot of worthless gemstones. 

Previously, as an educator, administrator and project manager, she developed a talent for telling tall tales. Now, after 20+ years of touring Australia she's an expert on Aussie travel and her storytelling skills are put to far better use by her alter-ego, Red Nomad OZ, in writing her Aussie travel blog where she shares all her Amazing Australian Adventures.

Red is a very versatile character, an interesting blog writer, photographer and author. We particularly like her Pinterest which has more than 50 boards and over 2,000 image pins.

Looking to solve some gift problems and give someone a laugh? Red has found some of Australia's most scenic loos which she has detailed in her new book, Aussie Loos with Views (release date 1 July 2014). 

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